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Yep! You Betcha!


A fun thing about the Mac community is the periodic release of software bundles. If you’re willing to take the plunge, you may find programs that you didn’t know you needed. One such bundle provided Yep. Yep wasn’t on my radar. It didn’t even look terribly interesting to me. I already had Paperless from a previous bundle and didn’t care for it much at all.

So, I installed Yep! and forgot about it for a while. A month went by and I decided to have a look at it. After opening, the thing churned for a while, looking for all the documents on my Mac. Still not impressive. It probably took 20-30 minutes before all the documents appeared with their thumbnails. This got me a little more interested. Then, I began playing with applying tags to my documents. There are currently 65 tags in my system and Yep lets me combine them in any way that I feel is suitable. I can then begin clicking tags to filter the results down. What follows is an attempt to show some of the power of this program. Hell, it’s entirely possible that I’m wrong about some functionality. It is not an exhaustive discussion of every feature. For that, RTFM…


The top row of icons lets you control how documents are displayed, as well as what other info about the documents is displayed.

This is the bookmark bar. Each entry is a bookmark that reflects a search criteria. Displayed above are the defaults. They can further be organized into folders. Dragging a file to a bookmark that is location based will put it in the desired location. In my case, I regularly use the Untagged option. Since I painstakingly went through the process of tagging all my documents, selecting Untagged will show me only the newest arrivals on my Mac. Every day or two, I look at the untagged documents and tag them. This is has helped me to maintain control of my documents and to easily find anything I’m looking for. I don’t care where the document went since all untagged docs will display. By default, the documents are stored in a Filed Documents folder and then further filed under Year/Month/Day, with each of those taking you a level deeper in the folder structure. As we will see later, if you don’t like this, it is easily and quickly remedied.

Apparently, this bad boy is referred to as the “crumb trail.” This bar lets you tighten up your filtering by selecting a certain type, certain location, certain tags… The button to the right that says LIVE allows you to set whether the display is actively updated or fixed. The search field allows you to search among only those documents that are currently displayed, based on your filtering. You can select whether you are searching based on the file name or file contents. Searching based on content is impressively quick.

wpid-wpid-voila_capture31-f9ars769kgfv-t1vhwaqw5xpn.jpg The tag column along the left side allows you to click on the tag(s) you want to filter by. Clicking on a tag will add it to the filtering bar above. Hovering over a tag will tell you how many documents have been assigned that tag. At the bottom of the column there is another field that allows you to filter among the tags currently displayed.


The right column displays detailed information about the current document. You can move the file to a different location, you can reveal the file in Finder, you can display the Finder info. The power of this (to me) is the ability to select a group of files and then move them where I want them. To be honest, I’m not that keen on the default filing scheme but I really don’t care. I can filter on “eBook” and then select all the files and move them to the eBook folder. Extremely easy and fast. Much easier than screwing with the Finder.

Finally, there is this feller:

Travel is a standard part of my job. Travel means expense reports. If you’re smart, you always scan your receipts before sending them into corporate. Scanning and creating new documents is a breeze with Yep. Before finding Yep, I used the HP software to scan my receipts. It was problematic at best. When I decided to upgrade to Snow Leopard, I learned that those bastards at HP didn’t feel like updating the software for my All-In-One. No problema, thanks to Yep; I have a better interface and can immediately tag the receipt file and determine where it goes. Eat that HP!

This review was brief but my hope is that it gives a sense for the power and utility of this program. To my surprise, I cannot imagine functioning without it at this point. For work, I have to use an XP machine. Every day I find myself longing for Yep. Ironic Software also has a Finder alternative called Leap. It looks amazing. My hope is that it will become part of a bundle someday. That bundle will be an instant buy. Find them on the web at: http://www.ironicsoftware.com/ . I have no financial interest in the company and they don’t know I exist… For me, this software rates a 4 out of 4.

This review was created (as a test) with two other bundle apps: Voila and MacJournal. Perhaps I’ll review them at a later date.


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