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MacJournal 5.2 — Test


This week, I am traveling. I have an iMac but no MacBook. Having a Dell XP laptop means that I had to use the native WordPress posting for my beer review last night. It works ok but I found myself missing the simplicity of MacJournal. Perhaps it’s the fact that I have used word processors for so long but whatever the reason, using MacJournal is a much more satisfying experience.

This morning, I decided to install MacJournal on my wife’s MBP. Further, I decided to try to get everything setup without referring to any help and without referring to my previous review. It took less than two minutes to establish the connection with WordPress and to recall how to customize the Info Bar so that I could add my tags within MacJournal. It was very simple and appeared to come off without a hitch.

So, here is the acid test. I’m going to select “Send to Blog” and we’ll see what happens. I fully expect everything to transfer just fine. If it doesn’t, I’ll post an addendum.

Ok, it went off quite well, but not 100%. As I was writing this, I was wondering how I would categorize the posting and couldn’t remember what MacJournal did. To my surprise, when I opted to send the entry to WordPress, a dialog appeared and asked me to classify the entry. It presented the categories I have used so far and allowed me to pick the one I wanted. Here is the bad news…it ignored what I selected and the category was posted as uncategorized. I checked the Mariner knowledge base but there was no entry about this issue. I’ll send a support request and add the results here.

Despite this issue, I still find MacJournal a very effective and pleasant way to maintain my blog. Also, I know that when I get home, I’ll just have to tell MacJournal to download my entries from WordPress to ensure that my copy of MacJournal fully represents what is on the site. Easy peasy…

Further addendum… when I used MacJournal to send the post update update… (great English, eh?), the category changed to match my selection. Not sure if this will be a recurring issue or not. Since it worked the second time around, I will not post a support ticket. I’ll see how the next few posts go.

Still further addendum… in subsequent posts, the issue above has not reoccured. I’m going to write it off as a user error. My opinion of MacJournal remains quite high and I certainly prefer using it to the editing feature within WordPress.


MacJournal 5.2


MacJournal, by Mariner Software was picked up through another bundle. Here is another example of software that I didn’t really feel an overwhelming amount of interest in. But, hey, I spent the money and figured I’d give it a shot for my WordPress blogs. My experience so far has been very good.


Setup was dead easy. Tell it that this is a WordPress blog (other options are: LiveJournal, MetaWeblog, Atom, and Movable Type), enter the URL and user name, then tell it to Reload. The link was created without a hitch.


Next, I picked the option to “Download Entries from Blog.” MacJournal then asked if I wanted to download all the entries or enter a number of entries to download. I downloaded all of them so that MacJournal reflected the full contents of the blog. This wasn’t actually necessary, since it would also just start adding to whatever was there but I was planning on splitting one blog into two. Once I had everything, I created the second blog (in MacJournal, the blog equates to a Journal and each posting equates to an Entry), moved the entries that belonged in the second blog, and then updated them (actually, to be safe, I also deleted everything in the original blog before re-uploading). If I didn’t like the order, I could drag and drop to change the sequence. If I needed to move an entry between blogs, the drag and drop worked just as well.

Dealing with graphics is much easier in MacJournal than with the WordPress editing environment. I didn’t really like messing with graphics directly in WordPress but MacJournal acts just like any other word processor, allowing me to drag graphics from Voila, change their size, and then center them.

Other features include the ability to edit the Toolbar:


The ability to edit the Info Bar. Info bar options are items that are probably blog settings or attributes:


Features that I have not tested fully include the ability to:

  • Enter Quick Notes — you can setup a key combination to trigger the quick note. This is useful for journaling. You can also use it to create a new entry or to append to an existing one. You can also apply tags to the entry.
  • Import podcasts, calendar entries, pdf files.
  • Add audio or video entries. Note: this did not work for me because I have not upgraded my account.
  • Create Import Droplets. They are small apps that sit in the finder. Anything you drag and drop onto the droplet will be directed to a specific journal. When you drop it, you also get the chance to assign tags.
  • Post photos to Picasa.
  • Embed YouTube videos. Note: this did not work for me because I have not upgraded my account.
  • Schedule entries to get posted at a future date/time, but you must leave MacJournal running.
  • Publish with iWeb.
  • Publish to MobilMe.

Hopefully, this gives you a sense for the potential for MacJournal in your work. There are certainly other uses. I have focused on the applicability to maintaining a blog. You’ll find MacJournal at http://www.marinersoftware.com/sitepage.php?page=85

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