Deep — A Shallow Review


I’m already on record as being a fan of Ironic Software’s Yep. With a little more play, I think Leap will also be high on my list. This isn’t so much a review as it is an introduction to a product that, to a subset of the Mac population, could prove to be very useful.

Personally, I think this is a cool program but I can’t imagine using it much. It seems like it could be very useful for a web designer. My son, who plans to go into graphic design, also thinks it would be incredibly useful.

When you launch Deep, it scans your hard drive for images and analyzes those images to determine their color make-up. It displays the window below:


As with all Ironic products, the program allows you to tag your images. The upper left corner of the main windows allows you to select based on tags or keywords. Below that is a spectrum of the colors found in the images on your Mac. Place your cursor over a color and a pop-up will tell you how many images on your Mac contain that color. Click that color and the images containing it will display in the lower frame, where you can use the mouse to scroll through them or you can use the play button to cycle through them.


This window shows the results of clicking on the gray color. The gray color remains highlighted in the selection frame. The color spectrum now shows only the colors available within those images already having the first color that was selected. You can now drill down deeper by selecting another color (or you could hit the X to the right of COLORS to clear the color selection and start over).


So, here you can see that there are 7 matching images with the gray color (as displayed in the gray bar that is above the pictures frame. The cursor is now hovering over a color that shows there are 2 images containing both colors. Below, we will see the results when we click on that color.


The color spectrum displayed in the selection frame has now tightened up further, showing only those colors in both images.

To the right of that selection, you can also select based on a location containing images, based on an image type, based on size/ship of the image, and based on ratings that you have applied to the images:


There is another tab in the main window. When you select that tab, you will see the currently selected image from the image frame. It shows the image, the size of the image, any ratings/keywords/tags, the name of the file, and the spectrum of colors contained within that image.


Finally, you can begin selecting colors from the spectrum on the right. If you had an image that you were trying to use as the anchor for a web page, a collage, an image design, whatever, you would select that image, go to this window, then you can use the colors along the right edge to tighten down the color combination and see the additional images that fall within that desired range.


As you can see, two colors have been selected (they indent left). Three images are shown in the image frame, all containing both colors.

This is just an overview of the product. I’m not qualified to do a “deep” review. To me it looks cool but of limited use. If this useful to you, Ironic Software provides a 21 day demo.


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