The Magician — Short’s Brewing


To be honest, I thought this would be my chance to dis Short’s Brewing. The label didn’t inspire confidence and I hadn’t heard of a “dark red London ale” before. Pop the cap and pour it in a glass and I begin to realize I was wrong. The beer pours a very nice reddish copper (leaning more heavily to red). It produces a nice, tightly bubbled tan head that dissipates in a few minutes. Bring the glass to your face and you are immediately hit with the aroma of toasted malt. If you get a hint of hops, you’re a better hop-head than me. This thing was all malt, all the way through. The toasted malt hits your mouth instantly. The body is light. The lingering after-taste has hints of chocolate and the aforementioned toasting. Although there is not a hint of hops, they must be there because this is not a sweet beer. It’s smooth with a shade of sweetness but it is very well balanced. If you’re a malt fiend or a hop-head with an open mind, this is a beer worthy of a test. Still not clear? Imagine a Killian’s that:

  • Is not so sweet
  • Actually tastes good

Short’s gets me again!


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