Hop Nest Monster


Let’s get this out in the open right away. The name of this brew is the best thing about it. I was, admittedly, careless in pouring this one and the beer/head ratio was 1:1. It produced a dense white foam that reminded me of the stuff you see floating on the water. Within a few minutes, the head dissipated in sickly fashion. Spooge remained on the sides of the glass but the beer carried only a thin veneer of the once proud head. The beer itself is a cloudy golden color. I couldn’t decide if it looked like an unfiltered lager (???) or the piss of someone on antibiotics. The nose isn’t too bad. You get a definite hint of hops but nowhere near what I would expect from something referred to as an India Pale Ale (although they are honest and refer to it as an “extra pale India pale ale.” The brew certainly suggests hops by its bitterness but the actual hop taste is faint at best. This brew might go ok with pizza or a bag of chips but it would not fall on my re-purchase list. I recently consolidated the half empty six packs in my garage. Tonight, I grabbed a beer out of the Bell’s Two-Hearted holder, expecting the exquisite floral hoppiness. It wasn’t until I took my first swig that I realized something was wrong. Without looking at the bottle, I had opened it and poured. Somehow, without looking at the glass, I had taken a drink. My taste buds cried foul in several languages. This was an extra pale imitation of Two-Hearted. I give it a 1 out of 4. It makes you wonder when the brewer (Sand Creek Brewing) doesn’t even take ownership of the brew on their website. Since Lilja seems not to have a website, I had to substitute my own graphic. Where is the ownership?? Where is the love?? The graphic above was because the only image I could find was at Beer Advocate and they explicitly said not to reuse. Instead, I plopped the bottle onto the scanner. I think the image represents my feelings fairly well…


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