Saugatuck Brewing Company Singapore IPA

I found this brew tonight. Having never heard of the brewery, I was intrigued. Scratch that, I guess I had heard of them because they have this obscenely priced opportunity to brew your own beer at the brewery. It’s clearly a great opportunity but having brewed beer before, I know I could do it at home and save a ton of cash (but I don’t recall the particulars…maybe they throw in a room and bed too). Unfortunately, I couldn’t find an image of the label, not even at their website. I tried to rotate the bottle while scanning but I’ll be damned if that didn’t look like absolute crap. I would have ripped of the label and scanned it but that’s ten cents and not enough people read this. In my opinion, it’s bad form to keep your labels of the web…

This brew is a very nice golden brown. It produces a nice, white head with tiny little bubbles and looks unfiltered. You can see the little yeasties floating around in there screaming “EAT ME!!!” The nose on this bad boy is to die for. It is hops, hops, and more hops. For reasons I won’t go into, I drank it out of a cabernet glass (oh, the horror!) and the glass did a superb job of wafting that wonderful hops aroma into my nose. It is truly heavenly if you’re a hops fan.

In terms of taste…pretty good. It’s slightly more than medium bodied; it’s a good mouth feel. You taste hops all the way through and the aftertaste radiates hops. After several minutes, you’re left with a lingering sourness. Since I’m a big fan of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale and Short’s Huma Lupa Licious, this was a bit underwhelming in the hop attack. However, based on the label, that’s what they were going for. It says that it is a “well balanced blend of bitter & sweet that will not punish your palate.” Mission accomplished! As one who likes to have his palate tortured by hops overload, this came off as a little tentative. However, if you like the nose and taste of hops but think that some of us morons are pushing the envelope on hops overload, this is an excellent choice for you.

I’d give it 4 out of 5.  Their website is


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