Beer — Surly Furious


My brother-in-law called one day to say that he would be visiting from Minneapolis. He said that he would be bringing along a canned beer for me to try. Being a bit of a beer snob, I was not impressed. Beer in a can? I’ve had that crap and it isn’t good. That’s like buying beer in a green bottle.

He arrived and handed me a four-pack of 16 ounce cans. They were held together by a six-pack ring that had had two rings cut off. Boy, I was even more impressed now. Beer in a can and the brewer had even gone cheap on the rings. The name was interesting though. It was called Surly Furious. The can had a nice design. Damn…

Surly Furious Can

Pop the top and you’re hit in the face by a blast of hops aroma. Now we’re talking. Hops is what I live for. Lack of hops is apparently why I didn’t like beer until I got away from the mass produced brands in the U.S. We poured the can into a pint glass. The beer had a great color and a nice head on it. And the taste? Excellent! It has a good body and a great taste. The hops blends well with the malt but it is definitely a very hoppy beer. It has a good strong hops taste without that ultra citrus taste that some of the American breweries seem to favor with their Cascade hops. They say they use a blend of four different American hops. Whatever the blend is, it’s fantastic.

Cheers to Surly Furious.


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