Beer — Twofer

I can’t claim to be a Budweiser fan. Even as a teenager, before there was such a thing as microbrew, I hated Budweiser.  But I would like to enjoy Budweiser. Hell, they’re Belgian now and Belgians know how to make good beer. Anyway, with much trepidation and a bit of hope, I decided to try the American Ale. The name seemed suitably pretentious for a beer from a company that thinks rice is a main beer ingredient and hops is not.


Sure, sounds like the rants of your typical beer snob. Guilty. While typing this, I’m enjoying a Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA. When they aren’t throwing nasty things like raisins into a beer, the Dogfish folks make a mean beer. Anyway, I bought one of the large bottles because I am weak in faith and didn’t want to buy a six pack. Decided to try it with some spicy Chinese food. It wasn’t as bad as Budweiser. It had a hint of that same skanky Budweiser pseudo-malt but to a lesser extent. It might have had a tad bit more body and it certainly had hints of hops. Hints. Don’t go getting all excited, I said hints. There is just no avoiding that Budweiser taste, though. So, if my only three options were Budweiser, Bud Light, and “American Ale,” I might actually choose the American Ale. If there are other choices, this would beer would never make the list.


Founders is a strange brewery for me. In most cases, I prefer the draft product to bottled if a brewery provides both. With Founders, the beers I’ve had onsite have been ok, but not fantastic. However, some of their bottled beers have been great. I like the Dirty Bastard, the Centennial IPA, the Dry Hopped Pale Ale, the Breakfast Stout and the Double Dancer.

Double Trouble is a very nice double IPA. It has all of the hops and all of the body but it doesn’t go overboard trying to balance things. So, it isn’t as sweet as some of the double and triple IPA’s get. You get the hops but it is drier (less sweet) than many of the competitors. Unfortunately, I was not in a position to put the beer into a glass, so I can’t comment on the color or head. I can say that it was (to me) a medium bodied beer with a nice hop finish and a strong alcohol warmth to it.

Oh, and the Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA is phenomenal. Probably better than either of these beers.


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